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All Reboot Tool v5.0 Latest Update Tool Free Download

All Reboot Tool v5.0 Latest Update Tool Free Download. A major upgrade, the users of all devices can download the latest version, 5.0, of the well-known Reboot Tools for free. Reboot Tools 5.0 provides various tools that enhance your gadgets’ management and repair abilities. It’s packed with many kinds of powerful tasks as well as services. This tool can be changed and is suitable for those who use Xiaomi, Sony, Huawei, and Samsung. Let’s look at the major features and services provided with Reboot Tools 5.0.

All Reboot Tool v5.0 Latest Update Tool Free Download

All Reboot Tool v5.0 Latest Update Tool Free Download

All Reboot Tool v5.0 Latest Update Tool Free Download

Users can now access various features and services that can help them successfully maintain and repair their devices due to the introduction of All Reboot Tools 5.0. From reading information about the device and resetting the device into different modes to activating Diag mode, setting EFS and unlocking bootloaders bypassing FRP, and managing MI Accounts and flashing, Reboot Tools 5.0 offers the complete solution to managing devices.


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Main Functions:

Fastboot Information Reader:

Using the Fastboot Information Reader feature, you can quickly access vital information regarding your device. No matter the device’s name or other information, Reboot Tools 5.0 can read fastboot-based information for Xiaomi, Sony, and Huawei devices.

Reboot To:

Reboot Tools 5.0 offers convenient ways to boot your phone in different modes, such as ADB, Recovery, Fastboot, and Download Mode. You can easily switch between these modes to accomplish various tasks like troubleshooting, flashing firmware, or accessing specific features of your device.

All Reboot Tool

All Reboot Tool


Reboot Tools 5.0 includes a wide range of options to meet the needs of your device. Some of the most notable features comprise EFS (Encrypting File System) reset, NVRAM reset Diag (diagnostic) mode activation updating disabling for Xiaomi devices, Minimal ADB, and Fastboot support.

Enable Diag Functions:

Enabling Diag mode for your smartphone could give you access to more advanced diagnostic capabilities. Reboot Tools 5.0 provides several ways to enable Diag mode, including entering specific codes such as ##717717## or the number ##, or the device being rooted or using combinations of both.

Enable Diag Without Root + Without Eng Rom:

For those who do not want to root their phones and use engineering (Eng), Roms Reboot Tools 5.0 provides a different method to activate Diag mode. After installing a dedicated application on your smartphone and following the directions provided, you can easily enable Diag mode.

Reset EFS Functions:

EFS reset is an essential operation that can resolve many network-related problems. Reboot Tools 5.0 allows multiple EFS reset options, including the TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) Fastboot, TWRP, and specific protocols for devices such as Redmi Note 8, Poco X3 as well as Redmi K30 Pro.


Unlocking the bootloader is usually necessary to perform more sophisticated operations within your phone. Reboot Tools 5.0 simplifies the process by offering a step-by-step approach and guides through each step of unlocking bootloaders for supported devices.

FRP (Factory Reset Protection):

To disable Factory Reset Protection on specific devices, Reboot Tools 5.0 provides unique methods. Suppose it’s the SAMSUNG Modular Method, Xiaomi Fastboot Mode, or the specific modes that work with HTC, Vestel Venus, General Mobile, Lenovo, or Micromax YU Yuphoria. In that case, this tool guarantees a seamless bypass procedure.

All Reboot Tool Latest Version Tool Free Download

All Reboot Tool Latest Version Tool Free Download

MI Account:

For Xiaomi users with MI Account problems, Reboot Tools 5.0 offers an effective solution. You can get around the Xiaomi Mi Account verification through the Sideload technique, particularly for devices such as Redmi Note 10.

Additional Tools:

Reboot Tools 5.0 contains various tools to improve your experience managing your device. Some special tools include LZ4 to img Converter (64-bit and 32-bit versions), IMG to MD5 Converter, TAR_MD5_PACKAGER, APK installer, Qualcomm Special Tool for IMEI repair, WriteDuallMEI(W+G_eMMC), QCN Editor (old version), and several flashing options such as Boot Flash, Recovery Flash, Modem Flash, and Sideload Flash Zip.

Flash Eng Modem (Fastboot Mode Unlocked Bootloader):

Reboot Tools 5.0 supports flashing Engineering (Eng) modems to specific devices with unlocked bootloaders. Devices such as Redmi Note 10 Pro, Mi 11 Lite, Poco M3, Redmi Go, Redmi Note 10 Pro Max, Mi 10 5G, and Redmi 9T are some of the devices supported by this feature.


Reboot Tools 5.0 includes a complete set of drivers for seamless connection and interaction with your device. This includes Qualcomm USB Driver V1.0, QcomMtk Driver Setup, QPST 2.7.496, QDLoader HS-USB Driver Qualcomm Diag adb-setup-1.4.3 Huawei Diag Drivers (Download), and Repair MTB.

Manual Driver Installation:

Reboot Tools 5.0 provides specific driver packs if you prefer to install drivers manually. This feature allows you to manually set up Xiaomi Drivers for Fastboot, Qualcomm Fix 9008_diag, and Xiaomi USB Drivers.

Download All Reboot Tool

Download All Reboot Tool

How Do I Install It?

  1. Then download the setup file using the 7zip file from the link below.
  2. Install the setup file on the desktop
  3. After that, click the installer setup file to the extracted folder
  4. Then, you will see the basic installation prompt. And you need to click the following button to make it conform.
  5. After installation is complete, you can run a shortcut on your desktop 
  6. Connect mobile devices to use the tools and enjoy them.


In conjunction with its full driver support and extensive driver support, All Reboot Tool v5.0 Latest Update Tool Free Download is a must-have program for those who want to maximize the performance of their devices and maximize their capabilities. Upgrade to the most recent version today to enjoy the benefits that are Reboot Tools 5.0.

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