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CAM Qualcomm AF Tool Latest Version Free Download

The CAM Qualcomm AF Tool is an invaluable software application designed to assist users in camera testing and calibration. Equipped with features such as ADB Command, Precheck, and Basic Calibration, users can quickly troubleshoot and optimize camera performance – download today’s free version to take advantage of these powerful capabilities!

CAM Qualcomm AF Tool Latest Version Free Download

CAM Qualcomm AF Tool Latest Version Free Download

Download CAM Qualcomm AF Tool Latest Version

CAM Qualcomm AF Tool is an Android software program offering various features for users’ Android devices. Users can utilize its various modules AF-ADB-Cmd to turn FullSweep on or off, execute ADB commands, open Logcat logs, view Logcat logcats, and more. In contrast, its PreCheck module allows prechecks, driver checks and calibration options such as Actuator Performance Check and Golden Module Check for Androids devices.

Additionally, this tool includes features such as pulling logs, clearing camera logs and images, extracting raw images, performing basic AF calibration, and performing an AF-LOG-Analysis function that provides insights into camera performance for device maintenance and optimization.

What Is CAM Qualcomm AF Tool

CAM Qualcomm AF Tool is an extensive software tool designed to assist users in performing a range of functions related to autofocus calibration on Qualcomm devices. It includes features such as AF-ADB-Cmd that allow for command execution such as turning FullSweep on and off, pulling logs and images, clearing camera logs and raws as well as prechecking the autofocus system, driver verification and actuator performance checks as well as prechecking for driver updates and actuator performance checks. In addition, additional analysis and calibration tools such as AF-Basic-Calibration and AF-LOG-Analysis allow further analysis and calibration purposes.

Features CAM Qualcomm AF Tool


  • AF FullSweep Enable
  • AF FullSweep Disable
  • AF ADB Command
  • Open AF Log
  • AF Logcat
  • Show Water Mark
  • Pull Logs
  • Clear Cam Logs
  • Pull Images
  • Clear Cam Images
  • Pull Raws
  • Clear Cam Raws


  • AF Precheck
  • Driver Check
  • AF OTP DUMP Enable
  • AF OTP DUMP Disable
  • PD Driver Check Enable
  • Actuator Performance Check
  • Actuator Hysteresis Check
  • Select Log File
  • Select Log’s Folder
  • PD Driver Check
  • OTP Infinity
  • ldxO, ldx9, ldxl, ldx4
  • Golden Module Check
  • PD Calibration Check Enable
  • OTP Macro: ldx2, ldx5
  • AF Log Extract
  • Manual AF (move lens0dx)
  • Disable Manual AF
  • PD Calibration Check


  • Enable Fullsweep
  • Disable FullSweep
  • AF Basic Tuning
  • 1 set AF Table
  • AF Log Extract
  • Table Configure Keywords
  • 2. AF SAG Compensation
  • 3. Draw FV Curve
  • Draw FV


  • Select AF Log File
  • Select AF Log Folder
  • Setting focus mode to
  • af_pdaf_proc_pd_single
  • needed_rev_scan_at_fail
  • going to the final position
  • AF Basic Log Analysis
  • af_process
  • finescan
  • af_haf_fine_search
  • is_trig_refocus
  • Converge done
  • ALGO Complete
  • Open With TextanaIysisTooI
  • Open With Notepad
  • curve_fitting
  • change ratio
  • af_caf_search
  • flat
  • spotlight
  • spotlight
  • PublishPDLibOutput pdlib

How to Use?

  • The First Step Is First To Download The File Using The Following Link
  • Then, You Should Remove All Files From the drive c: ( important)
  • Make sure you’ve removed the antivirus before you start this installation
  • Then to open the folder, set up the setup file using some basic instructions
  • Start this program “CAM Qualcomm AF Tool.exe.”


  • Then, you’ll be able to install all drivers if you have already installed them. You can skip this step
  • Connect the phone to the internet and try to accomplish any function
  • Enjoy !!!

How To Download

  • Follow These Steps To Access the Marvel GSM Tool For Free:
  • Launch your web browser and search for Marvel GSM Tool website.
  • Click on the (Download Link) provided on our website.

How To Download

  • Wait for the download to finish before continuing with any other task.
  • Once the download has completed, open up the downloaded file.
  • Follow these instructions to install Marvel GSM Tool on your device, and enjoy its features and functionalities.

CAM Qualcomm AF Tool

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