Samsung G313ML Cert File

Samsung G313ML Cert File

Samsung g313ml cert file

samsung g313ml cert file

CERT file is unique for every phone and contain signature.
This file exist in Samsung database from day of product your phone.

For Qualcomm device you cannot READ CERT but can only WRITE CERT from who have one from his device and Share it, (obvius not in same country/operator itc..), or from any server that will seller these.
You not damage you device if CERT is good,
FIRST MUST NEED OF CANCEL ORIGINAL CERT, the only mode for do it is Wiping EFS and after WRITE new one.

For Exinos devices You can READ/WRITE CERT.


The first reasonable question is why IMEI repair or Patch CERT functions are needed?
Why Restore CERT is essential?

To answer these questions, here is a few streamlined background information about how the phones work software-wise.

Common knowledge that each phone features a serial number (IMEI). Basically, this is often a digital data that gets connected to the given phone during manufacturing and it also gets signed by the manufacturer (this is that the so-called Certificate). This certificate includes, among others, a particular data of the IMEI and, just in case of latest models, an ID code of the given phone to stop the re-use of the certificate during a different phone. Practically, this make it impossible to clone an IMEI number. This certificate can’t be reproduced since solely the manufacturer owns the private key to make it. The certificate is being checked by the modem. The integrity of the modem is controlled by other peripheries at lower levels. Conclusively, the input of the IMEI or other certificates isn’t enough since the modem won’t accept it.

This system is sort of secure up to the purpose when the IMEI or the certificate is broken . We don’t want to travel into details on how an IMEI or certificate can get damaged but the damage is usually caused by an intervention of a software or flash error.

What is important here is when the IMEI or the digital signature is broken , the phone isn’t working and even Samsung service centers cannot repair the broken phone. Thus, the phone is worthless at that time .

The most common errors which may suggest such a drag with the phone are the following:

The IMEI number consists of only zeros: 000000000000000
When dialing *#0011#, the IMEI status is NG and therefore the network data are all wrong.
A call can’t be made and therefore the phone’s status is ‘not registered to network’ so practically, the phone can’t be used in the least .

This is the purpose when our newest innovative solution gets into the main target since it’s generally provide solution for such a drag .
Without going into technical details, the method includes the subsequent steps:

At the top of the method a Patch CERT is required so as to modify the checking phase off!

Repair IMEI:

IMEI repair
Patch cert
Cert write:

Write cert
Patch cert

If you get the subsequent error message: ‘There is a lively patchcert on your phone. Please remove it.’, it means the steps aren’t within the right order or the phone isn’t in factory settings.
In this case, you would like to use the software again and begin the method over. you’ll also attempt to click on Patch cert again and this is able to initiate a factory reset.

We currently support 3000 modem versions but naturally, there could be versions we didn’t add and this will also cause problem within the above detailed process. We add new versions a day , check the available versions daily but there are still modems that’s not supported by our solution. just in case you meet such case, please don’t hesitate to contact our support. If you would like prompt solution, you’ll attempt to re-software the phone to an other version with Chimera.
It is important that you simply do that phase with the Chimera because we allow the re-software for version that we support therefore the success is guaranteed.

Samsung G313ML Cert File

Samsung G313ML Cert File
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