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Andromax Prime Tools v2.2 – Root | Recovery Tools | Unlock | Fix Bootloop Tool

This article focuses on the most current release of Andromax Prime Tools V2.2, a compelling set of tools designed to enhance the efficiency and performance of Your Andromax Prime device. We’ll dive into an explanation of how to access the root menu, the installation process, unlocking options, and other aspects that make this version essential for every Andromax Prime owner. Are you interested in how this tool could enhance your Android experience? Keep reading.

Andromax Prime Tools v2.2 is a Windows tool that lets users perform different device functions. It has several sections, which include ROOT Recovery Tools, Boot IMG, Unlock, and Fix Bootloop.

Andromax prime tools v2. 2 - root | recovery tools | unlock | fix bootloop tool

Andromax prime tools v2. 2 – root | recovery tools | unlock | fix bootloop tool

Andromax Prime Tools v2.1 – Root | Recovery Tools | Unlock | Fix Bootloop Tool







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Features and how they work!

Root Menu:

Andromax Prime Tools V2.2 has a full root menu, providing users with various options to make their devices more efficient. Here are the essential options that are available through the menu for root:

Fix Bootloop

When you’re Andromax Prime encounters boot loop issues or is stuck in the recovery state, do not worry! Its “Fix Bootloop” option can solve the issue quickly and restore the functionality of your device.

Active Tools by using ADB

Verify that you are sure that the ADB has been configured correctly before beginning the root procedure. You can enable the necessary tools to access the root process quickly using the button “CHECK ADB.”

SD Card Requirements

To prevent bootloops during rooting, andromax Prime Tools V2.2 needs an SDCard. Always use a secure and unaffected SD Card to ensure a seamless rooting experience.

Connect Andromax Prime with ADB

The root operation’s first aspect is connecting your phone to ADB. Navigate to the contact’s ADB settings by entering “##257384061689#” and clicking “CHECK ADB.” Make sure to give USB debugging access when asked.

Driver Installation

If you encounter any issues while running the program, do not panic! It is easy to fix them by installing the drivers you need before attempting again.

MIUI Recovery Installation

Following successful root access, installing MIUI Recovery on your Andromax Prime is highly recommended. This allows you to conveniently fix or replace the device with MIUI Recovery mode.

Recovery from DIAG

Andromax Prime Tools V2.2 also comes with a modified stock recovery. It allows you to configure different modem, NV, and network settings, improving your device’s performance overall.

Reboot for Recovery

This feature makes it easy to enter Recovery mode any time you need to, even if the Andromax Prime is powered on.

Andromax prime tools v2. 2

Andromax prime tools v2. 2

ROM Backup

Creating a backup copy from your present ROM is vital to protect your settings and data. Andromax Prime Tools V2.2 lets you backup your ROM using and without SDCard and ensures you can restore it anytime.

Boot.img Options

The range of Boot.img options included in this version can assist users in solving a variety of software-related issues, such as issues with reverse cameras and issues with not functioning wireless networks, Bluetooth, or FM Radio. Remember that these solutions do not cover hardware damage and damaged ICs.

Options to unlock:

Andromax Prime Tools V2.2 introduces two ways to unlock your device, both designed to be used in different situations:

Unlock Bypass PIN to bypass – MIUI Recovery Mode

This method addresses the problem of the PIN request displayed in the SIM device installation process. This method can remove the PIN and gain accessibility to the device quickly.

Unlock VoLTE – Normal Mode/Home Screen

Locking up VoLTE (Voice over LTE) lets users solve issues with telephone or SMS and credit checks. It is essential to note that unlocking VoLTE is not currently available in this version. Contact Muhammad Shubhan on the Facebook Group “Andromax Prime.”

Repair Bootloop:

If the Andromax Prime fails to boot or is stuck in recovery mode without MIUI Recovery, then take these actions:

Install MIUI Recovery Force Solution

With this method, you can use this option to install MIUI Recovery forcefully and resolve the boot loop problem. Once you’ve completed the installation, go to the next stage.

Install ROM. No SD Card

This method allows you to install ROG Blue, the ROG Blue ROM released on 15-07-2023. Before proceeding, ensure you have your Andromax Prime in MIUI Recovery mode. If the device isn’t identified, you may remotely install MIUI Recovery from HadiK-IT’s system onto yours for a small fee on the internet.

Within the ROOT area, they must select CHECK ADB to start the tool. They can then use the root feature to root an Andromax Prime device, install the driver if necessary and then download MIUI Recovery to repair or install the device using MIUI Recovery.

Its Recovery Tools section includes functions like installing recovery and recovery for DIAG and rebooting recovery and backup or restoring the ROM. the BOOT.IMG section contains a set of Andromax Prime boots.img files that can be used to fix problems with cameras or Wi-Fi. Bluetooth, as well as FM Radio.

The Unlock section offers two methods to unlock Andromax Prime, executed in various modes. The first option is to UNLOCK BYPASS PIN, which is carried out within MIUI Recovery mode to solve the PIN request issue encountered during SIMCARD installation. Another method is to use UNLOCK VoLTE, which is carried out normally to fix SMS, phone, and credit check problems.

The Fix Bootloop section provides solutions for Andromax Prime devices that fail to boot or are stuck in the stock recovery mode. If the device remains identified after an ADB Check, users can apply MIUI Recovery forcefully. If the boot loop isn’t identified in the CHECK ADB and MIUI Recovery isn’t installed, users must flash the device using CM2 Dongle or directly ISP to the solution.

Andromax prime tools v2. 1

Andromax prime tools v2. 1

Andromax Prime Tools v2.2

 is a Windows tool that can provide various features to Andromax Android devices. The functions of the tool are divided into various sections, such as:

ROOT Sections: The section includes actions related to rooting your device and installing the driver. These functions are covered:

  • Check ADB This function tests for the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) connection between the device and the computer.
  • Root: This feature is used to root the Andromax device.
  • The install Driver option installs the driver needed for the device.

Recovery Tools The section includes functions that relate to the recovery mode of your device backup, restore and recovery functions. There are the following features available:

  • The Install Recovery feature creates a custom recovery on the device.
  • The Recovery For Diag feature sets up the recovery mode on the device and can be used for diagnostic purposes.
  • Reboot Recovery: The feature resets the device to recovery mode.
  • The BackupROM feature backups up the firmware of the device.
  • “Restore” ROM: The option resets to the firmware of your device.
  • Reboot System: The feature will reboot the device to normal mode.

Boot IMG The section includes functions related to the device’s boot image. There are the following features available:

  • BOOT IMG Magisk KK 4.4 Android: This function installs the Magisk boot image to Android KitKat 4.4.
  • Start IMG Magisk M 6.0 Android: This function installs the Magisk boot image to Android Marshmallow 6.0.
  • Fw 1.9 and Fw 4.6 (Fw 5.1 Fw 5.1_M Fw 5.4 Fw 5.5 Fw 5.7 Fw 5.7_S Fw 9.9, Android 6: These functions install various boot images and firmware for Andromax devices.
Download andromax prime tools v2. 1

Download andromax prime tools v2. 1

Unlock The section below contains features that allow the unlocking of the device. There are the following features covered:

  • Unlock Bypass PIN: This feature lets you access the PIN of your device.
  • Standby SIM PILIH This function will select the standby SIM of the device.
  • The Unlocking VoLTE option unlocks the VoLTE function for the phone.

Fix Bootloop This section includes the functions needed to fix boot loop problems. These functions are covered:

  • Installation MIUI Recovery – PAKSA: This program installs MIUI recovery mode on the device.
  • Install ROM (also known as the TANPA SDCARD feature) will install the device’s firmware without using an SD card.



Follow the steps below.

To activate Tools, Click CHECK ADB first.

  • The root process needs the use of an SDCard connected to Andromax Prime. To avoid loops in the boot process during this Root process is in operation, Don’t use a damaged or corrupted SD Card.
  • For connection to Andromax Prime, please open the caller’s ADB settings by entering this code:
  • * # * # 2 5 7 3 8 4 0 6 1 6 8 9 # * # *
  • Click CHECK ADB
  • Then, allow USB debugging access when asked!
  • If you find an error If an error is found, please install the driver and attempt again.
  • After you have completed Root, It is highly recommended to install MIUI Recovery immediately. MIUI Recovery
  • Ensure that Andromax Prime may be fixed or replaced to allow Andromax Prime to be repaired or installed in MIUI Recovery.

Recovery Tools

  • INSTALL RECOVERY MIUI Recovery update 14 February 2023 Repair mke2fs bugs.
  • Use after successful Root Andromax Prime.


  • It’s an improved Andromax Prim stock recovery
  • To set Andromax Prime Modem, NV & Network parameters.
Andromax prime tools

Andromax prime tools


  • To switch to Recovery mode when Andromax Prime is on.


  • Backup or create a backup of the actual ROM and save it as a backup using and without.
  • The backup results from the ROM are reinstalled with RESTORE ROM. RESTORE ROM function, using the backup files which were previously saved.


  • This is a collection of Andromax Prime Boots. img
  • It is a tool that can be utilized to address issues such as:
  • Reverse the camera after changing the ROM or setting up a custom-ROM
  • The Wi-Fi Bluetooth FM Radio won’t work;
  • All of this was an outcome of incompatibility.
  • Only within, only in boot.img file, and not due to the risk factor
  • Andromax Prime machine.
  • Install using MIUI Recovery mode.


  • There are currently two options to unlock Andromax Prime.
  • To address the issue that arises from the issue of PIN requests which is displayed in the SIMCARD installation
  • UNLOCK VoLTE – Normal Mode
  • To solve sms and telephone problems with credit checks and phones.
  • Both of them are executed in different ways. To use it, please perform 1x in a sequence.

Repair Bootloop:

  • If Andromax Prime isn’t able to boot or is stuck in recovery mode, however, it’s still detected following an ADB Check is conducted. There is some hope.
  • However, if CHECK ADB doesn’t identify the loop
  • And I haven’t yet installed MIUI Recovery, so currently, it’s only Flash.
  • I am using CM2 Dongle or directly ISP with direct ISP.
Andromax prime tools v2. 1 - root recovery tools unlock fix bootloop tool

Andromax prime tools v2. 1 – root recovery tools unlock fix bootloop tool


With a single button, Stock ROM Andromax Prime will be installed. However, the device must be within MIUI Recovery mode to be able to install it.

How to Download

Downloading is easy. Visit the and follow the instructions to download the tool onto your computer. Once you’ve downloaded the tool, you can begin unlocking your device. is a powerful tool designed to unlock your Android device . To Only ( Download Link)  simply follow the steps below:

Andromax Prime Tools v2.1

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – Google Drive – 4shared – Racaty – Drive.Filen – Up4EVER – UserUpLoad

Andromax Prime Tools V2.2

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire –  Drive.Filen – FastuUpLoad – Google Drive – Workupload – Sendcm

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