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Apizu Tool V1.7 Beta Version Free Download

Download Apizu Tool V1.7 Beta

ApizuTool 1.7 Beta is a small server-based program for Windows computers. Superior analytical and troubleshooting skills (Better Than Others). Apizu tool is a mobile technician support app software that solves various mobile problems, such as removing Mkopa, removing Delight, and removing admin from different devices.

Apizu tool v1. 7 beta latest version free download

Features Apizu Tool V1.7:

  • ADB Function

– Reboot (Reboot. Recovery. Normal. Download. Fastboot).




Generator V1

  • Fastboot function

– Reboot (Recovery, Normal, EDL and Bootloader).

– OEM Unlock

OEM Relock

Flashing Unlock

Apizu tool v1. 7 beta latest version free download

  • Xiaomi Function

Information –

Delete Account

  • Demo Mode


– iTel



Provided technical support for hardware problems and repaired cell phones


Mobile Network, Phone Password


Apple Device, Android Device (All)


Apple Device, Android Device (All)


Disassemble and reassemble cell phone devices.

Apizu tool v1. 7 beta latest version free download


Apizu Tool V1.7 Beta
FixedMkopa, model, and DlightNokia were added
Sun kingSm – A032Sm – A505FD
PayjoyNeon Ray v01Neon Ray v02Neon Ray v03Neon Ray v04Neon Ray v05Neon Ray v06Neon Ray v07Neon Ray v08Neon Ray v09
Network UnlockGoogle Pixel 1Google Pixel 2Google Pixel 3aGoogle Pixel 3xl________________________________________________________Apizu Tool V1.6 Pro
*LOW PRICE*All NCK Unlock Code FreeXiaomi An Relock FreeAll Adb FRP FREEFix all Samsung phones busy
Added model & FixedMkopa and DlightSm-A022F(Fixed)Sm-A035F(Fixed)Sm-A037F(Fixed & Added)Sm-A127F(Fixed)Sm-A227F(Fixed & Added)Sm-A032F(Fixed & Added)Sm-A037F(Fixed & Added)Sm-A137F(Fixed)Sm-A225F(Fixed)
________________________________________________________Apizu Tool V1.5
Added modelMkopa, DlightSM–A127F (Exclusive),SM–A137F (Exclusive),SM–A225F (Exclusive).
Nokia (MKopa Dlight, Admin) All Nokia Mtk
Nokia Qualcomm Chip Remote Service
ModelInfinix Hot10 i (x659B) added
Fixed D-Light Button Price changed (lower price)________________________________________Remove M-Kopa And D-Light on SAMSUNG
Support Models (Added)Sm-A037fSm-A020sSm-A021sSm-A040f
Removing Admin
Support Models (Added)MobiGo2(Airtel)Vida Orion(Airtel)Infinix ________________________________________________________Nck Calculator V1AzumiSmart KitochiTecnoItelHisenseStyloMobicelWikoHurricane________________________________________________________Remove M-Kopa And D-Light on SAMSUNG
Support ModelsSm-A013FSm-A013FDSm-A013G Sm-A013GMSm-A02FSm-A105FSm-A107FSm-A115FSm-A125FSm-A225F________________________________________________________
All Devices Locked by Admin
Supported ModelAlcatel V1 5007AAlcatel V1 5007UAlcatel V1 5007OAlcatel V1 5007G

Apizu tool v1. 7 beta latest version free download

How to Use It?

  1. You first need to download the zip file at the link below
  2. Next, unzip all files on the drive. It’s very important
  3. Next, extract all files from the folder you just opened.
  4. Start the ” Apizu Tools.exe
  5. Next, register the tool by filling in your email address or password, and clicking on the Register button. (No need to verify email).
  6. Use the Bluetooth connection to connect your phone and perform any function
  7. Enjoy !!!

Apizu Tool V1.7 Beta Latest Version Free Download

Apizu Tool V1.7 Beta Download is a server program that can be used on Windows computers. This is a server-based, small tool that can be used on Windows computers.

Apizu Tool, a server-based tool that solves mobile phone issues, can be used on Windows computers. Apizu Tool and Google Play have tested the software with Android phones. It has solved all problems.

Download Link:: Link 1:: Link 2:: Link 3:: Link 4:: Link 5:: Link 6

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