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Fake IOS Tool v1.6.6 by PK3M Windows Tool Free Download

Fake IOS Tool v1.6.6 | Windows Tool | Free For All Users

Hello, today I have the latest version of FAKE iOS Tool 1.6.6 is a small tool for iPhone, or iPad all devices. is allowed users to remove or bypass iCloud locked from all iOS versions. is working on jailbreak device if you are without jailbreak use this tool does not work. this tool is I have not tested it yet if you try this tool please comment below and post the result.


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Features Fake IOS Tool v1.6.6:

  • Support iOS 15 (Beta3)
  • FAKE iOS 14.5(BETA2)
  • Activate Device
  • Back iOS and Backup ICCID
  • Manual For iPhone 5- 5C
  • Support iPhone 5s To iPhone X with Checkra1n Jailbreak. XR to 12 Promax need OpenSSH
  • Restore ICCID
  • Get PK3M Tool

Changelog !!!

– Update iOS 15.1 (19 B64)
– Fix firewall error in 1 PC number.
– No PK3M ad wallpapers – Bison battery.
– How to make and tutorial are the same, details to watch the video.
v1. 6.5 and v1. 6.3 will no longer be used.
Tool fake iOS has always been FREE since before. Any questions or need help please post in the shop group.
Fake IOS Tool v1.6.6 by PK3M Windows Tool Free Download is an ideal XPERIA phone hacking tool that can help you to change your firmware easily.
Fake IOS Tool 1.6.6 is a new tool designed for Windows users to patch any IOS device with any IOS image on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 & Windows 10.
Fake IOS Tool 1.6.6 Free Download – a software that allows you to play games designed only for a mobile device iOS or Android, without having to jailbreak or root your device. With it you can download and install applications from the iTunes App Store, modify your Apple ID account, run without being forced to log out during the game, reduce the risk of ban from multiplayer games, as well as use online services such as the App Store and the iTunes Store.
Fake IOS Tool is an advanced application used for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It can be used to Soft-Unlock your device, by generating any type of signing certificate, which you need to unblock the device. It generates different types of Signing Certificates like Apple Root CA, Apple Developer CA, Genuitec CA, DMG File(Low-Level), APT File(High-Level), APT File(iPod Touch 4g), iTunes Backup, etc.
Fake IOS Generator Tool: This is the 8th version of the all popular Fake IOS Generator Tool. It’s developed by pavan kumar chaluvadi and distributed by 3DM Team. This is currently not available on any other websites or in any other forums.
Fake IOS Tool v1.6.6 by PK3M Windows Tool Free Download is a fake ios which help you to run some apps from the laptop. This app will change the status of your device from Apple to Custom App which can be run by using Windows PC or Computer.
Fake IOS Tool v1.6.6 by PK3M Windows Tool Free Download.PK3M have been using the same method to creat Fake IOS for a long time now, and been succesful in everything that they have done with it. Now you can use the Fake IOS Tool to Fake IOS Version on your devices in no time.
Fake IOS Tool v1.6.6 is a Windows-based application that will help you to track your friends that you have a Jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with just one click!
Fake IOS Tool 1.6.6 is a tool that gives you the ability to add any of the supported ios firmware (2.0-8.4) to any iPhone device (supported by iTunes and USB). Additionally, it will remove CFW or Jailbreak from your iPhone, this is how it differs from the PurpleRa1n tool that also has this capability.
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