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MTK Meta Utility Tool V92 Latest Version Download

MTK Meta Utility Tool V92 Latest Version Download

The update to MTK META Utility 92 was released on February 28, 2023. has a variety of improvements and new features. One of the significant enhancements is the capability to convert and extract (Huawei/Honor) Qualcomm UPDATE.APP to GPT and RawProgram XML [single or multiple] using UFS support.

Mtk meta utility tool v92 latest version download

Mtk meta utility tool v92 latest version download

MTK Meta Utility Tool V92 Latest Version Download







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This feature allows multiple UPDATE package extraction (BASE + CUST + PRELOAD) and extracts packages exactly as factory images. Therefore after flashing (USB and JTAG), the device will function normally with the customization that has been installed. This feature helps recover deceased Huawei and Honor devices that have flashed the wrong firmware. It is an all-purpose method that works with all types of updates.

The update also includes the ability to extract Qualcomm OnePlus (.ops) Firmware to RawProgram XML and factory images, as well as support for MTK Helio G96 MT6781 preloader parser [preloader_k6781v1_64], MTK Helio G99 MT6789 preloader parser [preloader_k6789v1_64], and extract Huawei MTK Update—app to scatter.

In addition, the update comes with various bugs that have been fixed, like some fixes for the Samsung spread converter from ROM (STATUS_TOO_LARGE) and the missing (L.K.) and (B.L.) partitions because of a previous issue in addition to fixing the issue and testing META wipe for VIVO’s the Y30 model and also for VIVO’s Y1S. The update also includes the ability to restore the userdata partition using META Mode and fix MTK disable auth issues.

In addition, the update contains an inventory of (Huawei/Honor) UFS devices for extracting F.W. Also, it gives credit to Bjoern Keller, the source of the OnePlus OPS firmware decryption. It is important to remember that this program was designed for educational use only and is offered as-is, with no implied or express warranty. The authors cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from using the software. It should only be employed for legal servicing or maintenance of mobile phones, not for any illegal purpose. Users are advised to use the software on their responsibility.

Download mtk meta utility tool v92

Download mtk meta utility tool v92

DeviceModel NumberUFS support for F.W. Extraction

  • Huawei Nova_8I NEN-XXX Yes
  • Huawei Nova_9 NAN-XXX Yes
  • Huawei Nova_9SE JLN-XXX Yes
  • Huawei P50 ABR-XXX Yes
  • Huawei P50_Pocket BAL-XXX Yes
  • Huawei P50_Pro JAD-XXX Yes
  • Honor 50 Lite NTN_XXX Yes
  • Honor Magic 4 LGE-XXX Yes
  • Honour Magic V MGI-XXX Yes
  • Honor X7 CMA-XXX Yes
  • Honor X8 TFY-XXX Yes


MTK Brom Mode:

MTK Meta Mode Utility V92 BROM MODE

  • Turn off the authorization
  • Dump Preloader
  • Crash Preloader
  • Crash Preloader to Brom
  • Samsung MTK Force Brom (DM)
  • Samsung MTK Exit Brom
  • Samsung MTK Rebuild PMT (D.M.)
  • FRL-L22 Y9A Force Brom
  • Reboot Meta Meta
  • Reboot AT Mode
  • Reboot Factory Mode
  • Reboot Fastboot Mode
  • VIVO New SEC Read information (F.M.)
  • Examine the MTKA D.A.
  • Analyze the Preloader

META Mode:


  • Read Meta Info
  • the Read Part (META)
  • Format Part (Meta)
  • Writing Part (Meta)
  • dump MDDB/APDB (META)
  • DUMP NV Regions (META)
  • Dump User Area (Meta)
  • dumped PGPT (Meta)
  • Do a dump of EXT_CSD (META)
  • EMMC Health Check (META)
  • Factory Reset – META
  • Factory Reset META 2
  • Gen FRP Reset PKG (META)
  • Read NVRAM
  • Wipe NVRAM
  • Write NVRAM
  • Unlock Network

Android Mode:


  • Read ADB Information
  • Read Fastboot Information
  • Exit the Fastboot Mode
  • Xiaomi Enable Diag (ADB)
  • Installation: Install APK (ADB)
  • Deleting the Payjoy App (ADB)
  • generic ADB FRP Bypass
  • Generic Fastboot Factory Reset
  • generic Fastboot FRP Wipe
  • Wipe the NVRAM_NVDATA (Fastboot)
  • Extract Super IMG
  • Extract OFP (MTK + QCOM)
  • Extract Samsung ROM (MTK)
  • Extract Huawei UPDATE (MTK)
  • Extract OnePlus ROM (.ops)
  • Extract LG ROM (.kdz)
  • Extract RedMagic (payload.bin)

Extra Features:


  • Samsung Reboot into Download Mode
  • Samsung Read Info Download Mode
  • Samsung Factory Reset (MTP)
  • Samsung Activate ADB (MTP)
  • Huawei Fastboot To Upgrade
  • Huawei Normal To Upgrade
  • VIVO Demo Remove (AT)
  • VIVO Demo Remove (MT6877T)
  • PGPT to scatter
  • Scatter PGPT

SAMSUNG Features


  • Samsung MTK Force BRom (DM)
  • Samsung MTK Exit BRom (FM)
  • the SM-A326U (A32 5G) Bit7 Repair Dead Brick
  • S-A037F KG Locked Force Brom (D.M.)
  • Samsung Read Info (D.M.)
  • Samsung Reboot (D.M.)
  • Samsung Activate ADB (MTP)
  • Samsung Factory Reset (MTP)
  • Samsung changed (SEC CTRL FLAG) to (-1)
Mtk meta utility tool v92 latest version download

Mtk meta utility tool v92 latest version download

Supported CPUs:

  • MT6572
  • MT6580
  • MT6582
  • MT6592
  • MT6595
  • MT6735
  • MT6737
  • MT6739
  • MT6753
  • MT6755
  • MT6750
  • MT6750M
  • MT6750T
  • MT6750S
  • MT6757
  • MT6761
  • MT6762
  • MT3369
  • MT8766B
  • MT6763
  • MT6765
  • MT6768
  • MT6771
  • MT6779
  • MT6785
  • MT6795
  • MT6797
  • MT8127
  • MT8163
  • MT8516
  • MT8173
  • MT8695
  • MT6873
  • MT6799
  • MT8590
  • MT6781
  • MT6768
  • MT6883
  • MT6885
  • MT6889
  • MT6833
  • MT6853
  • MT6853V
  • MT6873
  • MT6891Z
  • MT6893
  • MT8765WB
  • MT8385
  • MT8183
  • MT8666


MTK META Utility V92:28.02.2023 :

  • It added (Huawei/Honor) Qualcomm extract and converted the UPDATE.APP to GPT and RawProgram XML (single and multiple) (with UFS support), and it also supports multiple UPDATE package extraction (BASE + CUST + PRELOAD).
  • Our software extracts the files as factory images. After you flash it using (USB and JTAG), You don’t need to flash it again using fastboot or upgrade mode (the device will function as normal with the customizations installed). This feature can help restore the dead Huawei and Honor devices after flashing the incorrect firmware (LDN, DUB, LND, etc.) This feature exists in a few tools like UMT and EMMC Dongle, but it’s unable to remove the update package and doesn’t remove the customization package for the UFS update. Our method is currently generic and can be used with all update types.
  • Addition of Qualcomm OnePlus (.ops) Firmware extraction to RawProgram XML and factory images.
  • Added MTK Helio G96 MT6781 preloader parser [preloader_k6781v1_64].
  • Added MTK Helio G99 MT6789 preloader parser [preloader_k6789v1_64]
  • I added Extract Huawei MTK Update—app to scatter.
  • Corrected Samsung the ROM-to-spread converter (STATUS_TOO_LARGE). Also, there are missing (L.K.) (B.L.) or (B.L.) partitions due to the previous issue (the software can’t extract IMG_verified.lz4). Now repaired, please extract all Samsung ROMs that you have already extracted.
  •  Add Rebuild USERDATA partition using META Mode.
  • They tested and repaired VIVO Y30 and VIVO 1S META wipe.
  • Fixed MTK disables auth issue.
  • I was accepted (Huawei/Honor) UFS devices for extracting F.W.
  • Huawei Nova_8I [NEN-XXX]
  • Huawei Nova_9 [NAN-XXX]
  • Huawei Nova_9SE [JLN-XXX]
  • Huawei P50 [ABR-XXX]
  • Huawei P50_Pocket [BAL-XXX]
  • Huawei P50_Pro [JAD-XXX]
  • Honor 50-Lite [NTN_XXXHonor 50-Lite [NTN_XXX
  • Honour Magic 4 [LGE-XXX]
  • Honor Magic V [MGI-XXX]
  • Honor X7 [CMAXXXHonor X7 [CMAXXXX
  • Honor X8 [TFYXXX]
  • OnePlus OPS firmware decryption credit to (Bjoern Keller) I have converted the decryptor to QT C++. If anyone needs the port C++ source code, please contact me.
  • The software was created to be used for educational purposes only, and we permit its usage of it in certain conditions. The software is offered as-is, with no implied or explicit warranty.
  • In no way is the author responsible for any harm resulting from using this software.
  • Use only the phone for maintenance and service that is legal for mobile phones.
  • And should not be employed for illegal purposes.
  • It is a risky product. USE this software on your responsibility.
Mtk meta utility tool v92

Mtk meta utility tool v92

How to Use?

  1. Get the ZIP file by clicking the hyperlink.
  2. Zip the entirety of the documents to your C drive on your computer. It is essential to unzip all files to this drive.
  3. Turn off your antivirus before running the installation procedure.
  4. Unzip the folder and launch the set-up file. Follow the simple instructions given throughout the installation procedure.
  5. Following installation, run the “MTKMetaUtility.exe” file.
  6. Install all necessary drivers for the device you are using. If you’ve previously installed drivers for your device, you can bypass this process.
  7. Connect your mobile with your P.C. and attempt to use one of the functions available within the MTK META Utility software.
  8. Have fun making use of MTK META Utility! MTK META Tool!

How To Download MTK META Utility V92

MtK META Utility is a powerful tool that allows you to flash, repair, and upgrade your MtK devices. The latest version of the tool, v92:28.02.2023, is now available for Download. To download the Tool, simply click on the Link below. Once the tool is Downloaded, unzip the file and run the setup.exe file to install the tool on your computer. Once the tool is installed, launch it and Follow the on-screen Instructions to flash, repair, or upgrade your MtK device.

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – Google Drive – 4shared – Racaty – Drive.Filen – Up4EVER – UserUpLoad – FastuUpLoad

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