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Garuda JAVA GenPro Tool Download Latest Version

Garuda JAVA GenPro Tool Download Latest Version, is a software program created to provide a range of functions to unlock and repair MediaTek-based devices from various brands, including Nokia, Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, VIVO, Asus, and Infinix. The latest version, V2.02.23 0.5, includes the following:

Garuda java genpro tool

Garuda java genpro tool

Garuda JAVA GenPro Tool Download Latest Version







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  • An improved user interface.
  • Improvements in meta mode issues for Windows 7.
  • An enhanced method of unlocking the Bootloader of MediaTek devices.

Garuda Gen Pro is a professional tool for unlocking and flashing. It’s wonderful to know that the tool is continually growing its support of various types of devices and features.

It’s remarkable to know that Garuda Gen Pro is the first smartphone in the world that supports the realme oppo mtk 6885 and 6483 6889 6889, 6891 and 6893 CPU sim lock and mdm unlock in addition to the brand new Xiaomi device that supports unlocking frp and micloud in just one click.

The introduction of cloud support for a variety of Xiaomi Redmi phone models, including the Xiaomi 10 light zoom(van Gogh) black shark 4s, blackshark4, POCO F4 (munch) and Redmi K40s (munch), XiaoMi 10T Pro(apollo), XiaoMi 10T (apollo) as well as The RedMi K30s (apollo) and the Xiaomi 11. Lite(Courbet) It is an exciting addition.

It’s great to know the fact that Garuda Gen Pro supports a variety of devices from various manufacturers that, include ASUS, Infinix, Nokia, Xiaomi, Meizu, MediaTek, OnePlus, OPPO, Samsung, VIVO, Realme, Huawei, Qualcomm, as well as Fastboot for all of the devices. Overall, it appears that Garuda Gen Pro is a powerful and trustworthy device for professionals that need to flash and unlock different devices.

Garuda java gen pro tool v2. 02. 23 0. 5

Garuda java gen pro tool v2. 02. 23 0. 5


FeaturesSupported Functions

  • Factory reset Factory reset for devices that are supported.
  • Reset FRP Reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection) of supported devices.
  • Reset EFS reset EFS (Encrypting File System) of supported devices.
  • Read Write QCN Write and read Qualcomm Calibration Network (QCN) files on supported devices.
  • Write IMEI Original IMEI Write the original IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) of supported devices.
  • Unlock Bootloader Unlock the Bootloader on supported devices.
  • [TAM[TAM Unlock MI Cloud unlock MI Cloud of supported devices.
  • Disable [Distri] MI Cloud Delete MI Cloud of supported devices.
  • Enable BROM Make sure to enable BROM (Basic Read-Only Memory) mode on supported devices.
  • Take it off! DEMO Take out the DEMO (demonstration) option from supported devices.
  • File Format Save PARA 1, 2, 3 Format and save PARA 1 and PARA 2 partitions for supported devices.
  • File Format Changes 1 2 Files are saved and converted to Misc 1 and Misc 2 partitions on supported devices.
  • Boot Meta New Start Meta New mode for supported devices.
  • Eliminate FRP Take FRP off of devices that are supported.
  • Format DATA Format DATA partition for devices supported.
  • Save Format Save Format is supported on devices.
  • Save Format VIVO Save Format VIVO is supported on devices.
  • Unlock Demo Unlock Demo mode for devices that are supported.
  • Format Userdata Format Userdata partition on supported devices.
  • Auth Bypass Auth Bypass of supported devices.
  • Eliminate FRP Remove FRP from devices that are supported.
  • Erase FRP Samsung Erase FRP of Samsung devices.
  • Uninstall MiCloud Take MiCloud off supported devices.
  • Unlock DEMO OPPO Unlock Demo mode for OPPO devices.
  • Unlock DEMO VIVO, 2 Unlock Demo mode for VIVO devices.
  • Unlock Bootloader Unlock the Bootloader for devices that are supported.
  • Relock Bootloader Lock the Bootloader on devices that are supported.
  • MediaTek: Perform various tasks for MediaTek devices, such as flashing and formatting DATA, Resetting MiCloud, and even taking out FRP.


  • Garuda GenPro update V2.02.23 0.5
  • The new UID is running
  • Fix metamode windows 7
  • Use UBL Mediatek’s new method
  • Use trial to day

GenPro Tool’s latest version, GenPro Tool, version 2.1, includes a number of new features and enhancements. Some of the notable changes include:

  • Autoloader is now available. Qualcomm capability
  • Introducement of select EMI using the server feature
  • Inclusion of a flash bat file to Huawei devices
  • Vivo fastboot support by using the directory option
  • Fastboot features have been enhanced, which includes the requirement to open the bootloader
Garuda java gen pro tool

Garuda java gen pro tool

How to Use?

Instructions on how to install and use Garuda JAVA Gen Pro Tool:

  1. The zip archive for the program from the URL.
  2. Unzip all of the files on your computer’s C drive.
  3. Make sure that your antivirus software is disabled prior to starting the installation procedure.
  4. Start the folder and then launch the setup file following the basic steps.
  5. Start Garudajava.exe after installation ” Garudajava.exe” file following installation.
  6. Log in with your login credentials to gain access to the main interface.
  7. Install all necessary drivers. If you’ve previously installed drivers, you can do this without a second thought.
  8. Connect your mobile to your computer, and then try to do any task using the program.
  9. Use Garuda Gen Pro! Garuda JAVA Gen Pro Tool!

How to Download

Downloading is easy. Garuda JAVA GenPro Tool Download Latest Version Visit the and follow the instructions to download the tool onto your computer. Once you’ve downloaded the tool, you can begin unlocking your device. is a powerful tool designed to unlock your Android device . To Only ( Download Link)  simply follow the steps below:

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – 4shared  – Drive.Filen – FastuUpLoad – Google Drive – Workupload – Sendcm

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