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ACT Unlock Tool V3.0 Universal Android MTK Qualcomm Latest Tool Download

Free Download ACT Unlock Tool v3.0 Free for All. Act Unlock Tool v3.0 Comprehensive Solution for Mobile Unlocking and Maintenance The ACT Unlock Tool v3.0 is a software tool that simplifies locking and maintaining phones and supports different models and brands.

ACT Unlock Tool V3.0 Universal Android MTK Qualcomm Latest Tool Download

ACT Unlock Tool V3.0 Universal Android MTK Qualcomm Latest Tool Download

ACT Unlock Tool V3.0 Universal Android MTK Qualcomm Latest Tool Download







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The Supported Brands and Models

Supported Devices included in ACT Unlock Tool v3.0

  • Xiaomi
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • VIVO
  • OPPO
  • Vsmart
  • Meizu
  • Tecno
  • LG
  • Asus
  • Nokia
  • Lenovo
  • Infinix


  • mt8695
  • mt8590
  • mt8512
  • mt8173
  • mt8167
  • mt8163
  • mt8127
  • mt6893
  • mt6885
  • mt6877
  • mt6873
  • mt6853
  • mt6833
  • mt6799
  • mt6797
  • mt6795
  • mt6785
  • mt6781
  • mt6779
  • mt6771
  • mt6768
  • mt6765
  • mt6763
  • mt6761
  • mt6758
  • mt6757
  • mt6755
  • mt6753
  • mt6739
  • mt6737
  • mt6735
  • mt6595
  • mt6592
  • mt6582
  • mt6580
  • mt6261
  • mt2601
ACT Unlock Tool V3.0

ACT Unlock Tool V3.0

Supported Functions

ACT Unlock Tool v3.0 has a wide range of functions that users can use to unlock and keep mobile devices. The functions the tool can perform include:

  • Author bypass: It allows you to skip authentication to perform certain tasks and makes it simpler to complete specific tasks.
  • Format data: This feature allows users to modify their device’s information partition. This can be useful when dealing with issues such as boot loops.
  • Erase FRP: This feature allows users to take Factory Reset Protection (FRP) from their devices as an important security feature that stops unauthorized access to your device following the factory reset.
  • Reset MiCloud: This function allows users to reset their iCloud account from Xiaomi devices.
  • Unlock BootloaderUsers with compatible smartphones can utilize this feature to unlock the bootloader. That is beneficial in rooting the phone and installing custom ROMs.
  • Relock BootloaderThis function lets users unlock the bootloader on compatible devices. This can be useful when selling the device or returning it for repair.
  • FlashThis feature allows people to flash custom firmware or firmware to compatible devices.
  • Backup Restore NV, NV: This function lets users back up and restore volatile (NV) memory in supported devices, which includes important information about the device, such as the IMEI number and network settings.
  • Read Information: Users can utilize this feature to access device information such as the model number and IMEI number, and firmware version.
  • Other features available in ACT Unlock Tool v3.0 supports include Factory Reset, Erase FRP, Safe Format (ALL MTK), Samsung FRP (ALL MTK), Xiaomi Account Erase, VIVO Demo Remove, MTK Client GUI Tool along with VIVOV23e Demo.


Functions Supported within ACT Unlock Tool v3.0

  • Auth Bypass
  • Format Data
  • Eliminate FRP
  • Remove FRP (SAM)
  • Reset MiCloud
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Relock Bootloader
  • Flash
  • Backup NV and Restore NV
  • Learn More
  • Factory Reset
  • Safety Format: [PARA ] MiscSafe Format – [PARA, Misc.
  • Remove FRP (ALL MTK[ALL MTK]
  • Samsung FRP [ALL MTK]
  • Xiaomi Account Erase
  • VIVO Demo Remove
  • The MTK Client GUI Tool
  • VIVOV23e Demo
ACT Unlock Tool Pro V3.0 Full With Loader

ACT Unlock Tool Pro V3.0 Full With Loader

How to Use?

  1. The zip files with the tool are from a reliable source.
  2. Download the file to the desired spot on your PC.
  3. Start this setup program following the instructions to install the program on your PC. If you are asked to enter a password, enter ” act1“.
  4. After the installation, run the shortcut on the desktop using administrator rights. If prompted to enter an activation key, type “SahirlTecno.”
  5. Connect your mobile to your PC via USB and test any function within the tool to verify it’s running correctly.
  6. Have fun using the Act Unlock tool v3.0 for your supported device.


ACT Unlock Tool v3.0 is an all-inclusive tool for unlocking different mobile phone models and brands, making it a great solution for unlocking and maintaining mobile phones. Its numerous functions and support for different SOCs allow users to perform different tasks with their phones without requiring several software tools if you’re a mobile repair technician or a mobile repair.

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