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MTK META Utility V93 MTK AUTH Bypass Tool Free Download

MTK META Utility V93 MTK AUTH Bypass Tool Free Download

The MTK Auth Bypass Tool no-cost, simple MediaTek Meta Mode utility program helps you get around DAA and SLA Auth (Secure Boot protection) and unlock FRP Format, Factory Reset and Unlock Pattern password pin lock on any MediaTek MTK-powered phones at no cost. Suppose you wish to flash firmware or remove a pattern or password of your Android phone first.

MTK META Utility V93 MTK AUTH Bypass Tool Free Download

MTK META Utility V93 MTK AUTH Bypass Tool Free Download

MTK META Utility V93 MTK AUTH Bypass Tool Free Download


In that case, you need to utilize this tool to bypass boot protection to deactivate the Secure Boot feature and identify the phone’s SP or another Unlock tool. Also, download MTK Meta Mode Utility Tool Version 61 along with an instruction for installation to utilize the software on your computer for no cost.

Mtk Meta Utility

Today, every Android smartphone comes equipped with USB protections to stop third-party flashing and abuse on the part of users. Unlocking or flashing your phone without an authorized device or permission is impossible. In this case, using the MTK MediaTek Secure Boot Disable tool will aid you in bypassing the security of your auth phone.

MTK Meta Mode Utility Tool allows you to identify all Oppo, Vivo, Tecno, Xiaomi Redmi, Infinix, MTK based smartphones into the SP flash tool, Miracle Box, UMT MRT, MCT, CM2 Dongle for flashing unlocking, unlocking, and repairing the phone. It includes auto-installer software and is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows XP (32 & 64bit) architecture.

Supported Mediatek SOCs:  

MT6781 *new * MT6768(2021) *new * MT6883 * MT6885 * MT6889 * MT6833 * MT6853 * MT6853V * MT6873 * MT6891Z * MT6893 * MT8765WB * MT8385 * MT8183 * MT8666 * MT6572 * MT6580 * MT6582 * MT6592 * MT6595 * MT6735 * MT6737 * MT6739 * MT6753 * MT6755 * MT6750 * MT6750M * MT6750T * MT6750S * MT6757 * MT6761 * MT6762 * MT3369 * MT8766B * MT6763 * MT6765 * MT6768 * MT6771 * MT6779 * MT6785 * MT6795 * MT6797 * MT8127 * MT8163 * MT8516 * MT8173 * MT8695 * MT6873 * MT6799 * MT8590

Changelogs MTK META Utility:

Addition of LG Direct from DKZ (Extract/Decrypt) into raw pictures. It supports KDZ types and formats: LGE KDZ v1 – v2 V3 (MediaTek and Qualcomm). Z-Library compressed (Zlib) the default. Z-Standard compression (zstd) is a speedy lossless compression technique (other tools can’t handle this kind of compression very well). – Extraction now will be to default raw images, scatter creation, and (merge/combine) sparse (system/vendor/product/super) files. I will add multiple chunks in the version.

Mtk Auth Bypass Tool Latest Version

You could still manually transform pgpt. img to scatter, and add objects to the scatter files. Extract preloader IMG from the preloader’s raw format and then utilize ext4_tools to (merge/combine) the additional chunks. Some of the tested files: – LG K51 (K500MM10f_00_MPCS_US_OP_0610.kdz) – LG K61 (Q630HA20a_00_OPEN_SCA_OP_1229.kdz) – LG Stylo 6 (Q730MM10l_00_MPCS_US_OP_0908.kdz) – Added (Extract/Split) preloader IMG from BOOT_REGION and convert to flash-able preloader, supported types eMMC & UFS Preloader (EMMC_BOOT & UFS_BOOT, COMBO_BOOT) – Please let me know what (low-level) tasks would be helpful if we added in the upcoming versions,

Mtk Meta Utility Latest Version

we welcome any (requests & recommendations) about firmware packages extraction, you have any encrypted file format need to be extracted and used to service the mobile phones only, let us know. Software GUI has been upgraded and made compatible with nearly all screens. Developers can ask for the (QT/C+) extract algorithm source code.

Download MTK META Utility Tool

Download MTK META Utility Tool

How to utilize MediaTek MTK Meta tool V93

  • Download and extract MTK Secure Boot Tool MTK Secure Boot Tool onto your computer.
  • Run MTKSecDisable.exe
  • Install the LibUSB Win32 driver on your computer (Skip this step if it’s already done)
  • Turn off your phone now.
  • Hold Volume Up. Power it and insert a USB cable
  • Click Disable Secure Boot
  • If the Disable Secure Boot process fails, try using the Force BROM function.
MTK META Utility 61 MTK Auth Bypass Tool MTK Tool

MTK META Utility 61 MTK Auth Bypass Tool MTK Tool

More Features

  • Disable Auth || Read ADB Info ||
  • Dump Preloader || Read Fastboot Info || Read Part (Meta)
  • Analyze Preloader || Read Fastboot Info || Format Part (Meta)
  • Analyze MTK DA || Reboot Meta || Write Part (Meta)
  • Crash Preloader Brom || Reboot Factory Mode || Dump NV Regions (Meta)
  • FRL-L22 Y9A DL to Brom || Reboot AT Mode || Dump Userarea (Meta)
  • Vivo Demo Remove (AT) || Reboot Fastboot || Dump PGPT (Meta)
  • Vivo Demo Remove (MT6877T) || Extract Super IMG || Dump EXT_CSD (Meta)
  • Disable Payjoy App (ADB) || Extract OFP (MTK + Qualcomm) || PGPT to Scatter
  • Read NVRAM (Meta) || Extract Samsung ROM (MTK) || Scatter to PGPT
  • Write NVRAM (Meta) || Extract Huawei Update (MTK) || EMMC Health Check (Meta)
  • Wipe NVRAM (Meta) || Extract OnePlus ROM (.OPS) || Factory Reset Meta
  • Unlock Network (Meta) || Extract LG Rom (.kdz) || Factory Reset (Meta 2)
  • Extract RedMagic (Payload.bin) || GEN FRP Reset PKG (Meta)
  • Write FRP Reset PKG (Meta)
  • That’s it.
  • It can bypass it to bypass Auth Security from your phone.
  • Now, you can utilize any unlock tools, such as SP Flash Tool, Miracle Box, UMT, and CM2, to unlock your phone.

MTK META Utility V93:09.03.2023:

  • Added Xiaomi 11T (agate) Unlock Bootloader (All variations) (MIUI12, MIUI13, MIUI12, MIUI14).
  • New OPPO META option added. Reset option that supports :
  • Oppo F5 (CPH1723, CPH1727, CHP1723, CHP1727).
  • Oppo F5 Youth (CPH1725).
  • Oppo A83 Pro (MT6763T).
  • Oppo A1 (MT6763T).
  • Oppo A83 (CPH1729, CPH1827).
  • Oppo A73 (CPH2099).
  • Oppo A79 (PBBM00).
  • New boot repair feature for (A037F B1 and B2) If BROM mode is forced by (PGPT method) If the device is equipped with the [SEC CTRL STATUS (0)[SEC CTRL STATUS (0)] flag The device will be recognized by PC
  • At the very least (the preloader port is visible) at the very least (preloader port visible) PMIC can detect USB cables.
  • The version I’m using is without the personal LOG folder, which will save me time when extracting.
  • • META Protocol updated (overall optimizations and improvements).
  • The software was developed to be used for educational purposes only.
  • We allow the use of this information under certain conditions, and it’s offered in its entirety,
  • Without any implied or express guarantee, express or implied.
  • The creators shall not be held accountable for any damage resulting from using the software.
  • Please use only the phone for maintenance and servicing, which is legal for mobile phones.
  • And should not be employed for illegal or illegal purposes.
  • It is a risky product. USE the software at your discretion.
mtk meta utility latest version

mtk meta utility latest version

Download MTK Auth Secure Boot Disable Tool V93 Latest Version

Download the latest MTK Meta Mode Utility Tool V61 from the link below. Ensure you install MTK USB Driver LibUSB/Filter on your PC.

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – Google Drive – 4shared – Racaty – Drive.Filen – Up4EVER – UserUpLoad – FastuUpLoad

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