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Phoenix USB Pro V4.0.8 For Allwinner Flash Free Latest Version Download

Are you looking for the most recent version of Phoenix USB Pro for Allwinner Flash? Don’t look any further since Phoenix USB Pro V4.0.8 is available for download at no cost. The latest version includes an array of helpful enhancements and features. Starting with firmware flashing and updating to an integrated debug view, Phoenix USB Pro has everything. It also can work with EMMC and UFS and is compatible with various Allwinner devices. No matter if you’re a developer or a frequent user, this software is essential to handle your Allwinner Flash requirements. Phoenix USB Pro for Windows is an application that allows users to flash the firmware (ROM) or install it on devices powered by Allwinner chipsets, such as A10, A13, A20, and A31.

Phoenix usb pro v4. 0. 8 for allwinner flash free latest version download

Phoenix usb pro v4. 0. 8 for allwinner flash free latest version download

Download Phoenix USB Pro V4.0.8 Latest Version

Download the most recent Phoenix USB Pro V4.0.8 version to benefit from its advanced features. This program allows easy flashing of firmware and firmware upgrades for your devices. It also has a built-in debug mode, making it much easier to identify and fix problems. The greatest benefit is that Phoenix USB Pro works without needing a key, making it accessible to everyone. Additionally, it is compatible with EMMC and UFS and includes a variety of chip models, including A10, A13, A20, A31, and A33. R16, A50 and A83T. It also supports A100 A113 H6, H616, and H816.

What is Phoenix USB Pro

If you’re searching for the most recent Phoenix USB Pro version, you can download Phoenix USB Pro V4.0.8. The software comes with features, including firmware flashing software, firmware updates, and an integrated debugging view, and it works without needing a key. Furthermore, Phoenix USB Pro supports EMMC and UFS as well as various chipsets, such as A10, A13 and A20, A31, A33 R16, A50 and A64 to EMMC as well as A64 and A83T A113 A113, H6, H616, and H816 to support UFS.

Phoenix USB Pro Features:

Phoenix USB Pro has various features and functions, such as flashing firmware, updating firmware, downgrading the firmware, an integrated debug view, and working with or without a key.

Firmware Flashing

Users can flash or install firmware onto devices powered by Allwinner chipsets. This feature allows users to downgrade, update, or reinstall their firmware.

Update Firmware

Users can upgrade their devices to the latest firmware version, improving performance and security and adding new features. This feature allows you to keep your device updated and working smoothly.

Built-in Debug view

This feature lets the user view how firmware is flashed in real time. This feature provides detailed details about the firmware flashing, including error messages, status updates, and other diagnostic data.

You Can Work Without A Key.

Versions 4.0.0 or later do not require a key, allowing users to perform more functions, such as flashing firmware and customizing settings.

Phoenix USBpro is a supporter of the EMMC & UFS.

  • EMMC: A10, A13, A20, A31, A33, R16, A50, A64
  • UFS: A64, A83T, A100, A113, H6, H616, H8, H816
Phoenix usb pro

Phoenix usb pro

How to Install Phoenix USB PRO

  1. You can download the Phoenix USB Pro software from here.
  2. The downloaded file can be extracted from a directory on your computer.
  3. Start the Phoenix USBpro Software.

Phoenix USB pro:

  1. Install drivers by
  2. Select. img files to load FW: Images.
  3. Click on the button below to start.
  4. Holding vol+ and the USB cable, press the power switch 3-5 times.
  5. Wait until 100% progress has been reached in updating the firmware.
  6. Phoenix USB Pro can be used to flash firmware on Allwinner products. The software is simple to use and works with both EMMC-based and UFS-based devices.

How To Download Phoenix USB PRO

To Download Free Phoenix USB PRO , Follow These Steps: 

  • Open your web browser and search for the Phoenix USB PRO website.
  • Click on the (Download Link) provided on the website.


  • Wait for the download to complete.
  • Once the download is finished, open the downloaded file.
  • Follow the instructions to install Phoenix USB PRO on your device. Enjoy the features and functionalities offered by this tool for MediaTek devices. 

This tool is compatible with all Windows OS versions, from Windows XP to Windows 11 (32 or 64-bit). You can download the most recent version by clicking on the following links:

Phoenix USB PRO

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – Drive.Filen – FastuUpLoad  – Workupload – Sendcm – Google Drive – TeraBox

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