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SamFw FRP Tool 3.31 Remove Samsung FRP Tool

SamFw FRP Tool 3.31 Unblock Samsung FRP One Click

The SamFW FRP tool is a free new One-Click ADB Reset and Enable FRP tool that allows users to activate ADB USB debugging Mode using Samsung *#0*# (Test Mode) and remove FRP locks from Samsung Galaxy Android 9, 10, 11 and 12 devices. This brand-new tool gives users a simple method to unlock FRP on Samsung in just a minute. If you are looking for the free option to reset FRP locks from your Samsung phone, follow these simple steps required to Download the SamFW FRP tool v3.3 on your computer.

SamFw FRP Tool 3.31 Remove Samsung FRP Tool

SamFw FRP Tool 3.31 Remove Samsung FRP Tool

SamFw FRP Tool 3.31 Remove Samsung FRP Tool



SamFw Tool v3.3

  • Change the name to SamFw Tool to add another brand in the future version.
  • [ADB] – Fix command on Windows 7
  • [TESTMODE] Fix change CSC issue on 3.2
  • [TESTMODE] – Optimize Removal of FRP Method New
  • [ADB] – Optimize Read list supported CSC
  • [ADB Optimize Change CSC
  • Make sure you fix a bug

SamFw FRP Tool is a tool that features SamFw:

Testing mode (*#0*#)

  • Eliminate FRP
  • Factory reset
  • Disable Knox
  • Modify CSC (This function allows you to switch to CSC from the accepted CSC list. Use [ADB] to Find the list that supports CSC for more details) 
SamFw FRP Tool 3.31

SamFw FRP Tool 3.31

MTP mode

  • Open browser
  • Factory reset

ADB mode

  • Get all the details (including the root checker)
  • Disable OTA update
  • ADB FRP (old and new method)
  • Removing Samsung accounts (This function allows you to deactivate the Samsung account from Settings only, it does not provide support for locked states)
  • Remove the bloatware (For Korean, Japan and US versions)
  • Information about batteries
  • Get list supported CSC (For [TEST MODE] Change CSC)
  • Remove screen lock (Root)
  • Set language

Download mode

  • Exit Download mode
  • Soft brick fix
  • FRP Android 5/6 (support some models. If you get an error message when you try to use the FRP app, it’s because your device does not support it)

Odin Flash

  • Save flash files from the latest flash versions.
  • Auto-detect files and select slots
  • Auto-extract to ZIP file
  • Ignore MD5 checksum
SamFw FRP Tool 3.31 Latest Tool

SamFw FRP Tool 3.31 Latest Tool


  • Check Driver signature enforcement status
  • Disable/Enable Driver signature enforcement
  • Install Samsung USB driver
  • Install VC+ 2015. (for ADB works)


  • MTP Reboot System
  • Mode MTP Reboot for Download
  • MTP Binary Reboot mode
  • ADB Reboot System
  • ADB Mode Reboot for Download
  • ADB Reboot mode for Recovery
  • ADB Power off

Learn more about it.

  • Find out more about MTP mode.
  • Find out more about the Download mode.

Upcoming event

  • [ROOT Change the SN
  • [ROOT] Reset the battery cycle.
  • * View your saved WiFi password
  • MTK module
  • Xiaomi sideload solution

What is the best way to use it?

  1. Get the SAMFW FRP Tools V3.31 setup and save it onto your PC.
  2. Use the Run SamFW FRP tool Free Download Android 9 10, 11, 12, FRP ADB Tool Enable One-Click
  3. Now, run SamFwFRPTool.exe. SamFwFRPTool.exe As Admin 
  4. Install the Samsung USB Driver on your PC before using the program.
  5. The functions listed below are accessible on the tool.
Download SamFw FRP Tool 3.31 Latest Update Tool

Download SamFw FRP Tool 3.31 Latest Update Tool


Compatible: The tool works flawlessly on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, along with Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Create a backup: If you are interested in trying the above tool, make a backup of your personal information from the device you use for an Android Smartphone or Tablet. Because flashing any firmware or Recovery could damage the device.

Credits: SamFw FRP tool was developed and released by its developer. Therefore, all credit goes to the developer who distributes the tool at no cost.
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